Order of entering the Republiq of Armenia
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Order of entering the Republiq of Armenia

Foreigners are permitted to enter the RA through the check points at the state border, provided they have valid passports and the permission of the border authorities of the national security service which as a rule is given on the grounds of:
•    the entry visa, or
•    a residence permit

The citizen of the following states can enter the RA without an entry visa:
1.    The Russian Federation
2.    Ukraine
3.    Belarus
4.    Georgia
5.    Uzbekistan
6.    Tajikistan
7.    Kyrgyzstan
8.    Kazakhstan
9.    Moldova

The citizen of these states can stay in the territory of the RA for a maximum of ninety (90) days. If they wish to remain longer, they must apply for a residence permit .

1. The types of entry visa
•    a visiting entry visa (V);
•    an official entry visa (O);
•    a diplomatic entry visa (D);
•    a transit entry visa (Tr)

The visiting entry visa entitles foreigners to enter and stay in the RA for a period of up to one hundred and twenty (120) days, with the possibility to extend the visa for a maximum of sixty (60) additional days. It is given for a single entry or for multiple entries within a period of up to one year.

The visiting entry visa is given for visiting relatives and friends, for family reunions tourism, medical treatment, study purposes, for participating in cultural, sport, scientific and other events, for conferences organized and held in the RA, for implementing short term programmes of technical assistance, of humanitarian, benevolent, financial support in the RA, for participating in business negotiations, for labour or economic activities, as well as to the crew members of the international air or land cargo and passenger transporting vehicles.

2. The entry visa

The entry visa is given: 
•in a foreign country: by the diplomatic or consular institutions of the RA;
•at the check points of the state border of the RA: by subdivisions of the Police Agency of Passports and Visas of the RA;
•by electronic means; ( electronic visa): by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the RA.

3. Applying for an entry visa

In order to receive an entry visa to the RA in foreign countries and at the check points of the state border of the RA foreigners must submit the following documents to the bodies authorised to give entry visas:
1)    an internationally recognized travelling  identity card or passport ( the term of validity of which must be at least for one (1) month longer than the term of validity of the requested visa);
2)    an application-form completed in Armenian or English ( see http://www.armeniaforeignministry.com);
3)    in cases where the entry visa is requested at a diplomatic or consular institution of the RA in a foreign country, a colour photograph of size 35x45 mm should be attached to the application, and in cases where the entry visa is requested at a check point of the state border of the RA a copy of the foreigner’s passport should be attached to the application;
4)    Foreigners under the age of 18 should attach a document confirming that his/her visit will be with his/her parents, or parent, or with a legal representative or accompanying person, or, if alone, to visit one of his/her parents who is staying in the RA, or to visit another legal representative of his/her parents or a receiving organization ( an application or reference note must be presented by the parents or parent or the legal representative of the parents or by the receiving organization);
5)    Receipt of payment of the state duty .

For acquiring an electronic visa one must visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RA:  http://www.armeniaforeignministry.com 


The Government of the RA has issued a list of states whose citizens can only apply for entry visas to diplomatic and consular institutions of the RA in foreign states and only on the basis of a letter of invitation by its decision No. 329-N of April 4, 2008.
These states are:

1.    Afghanistan
2.    Bangladesh
3.    Cameroon
4.    China, with the exception of Hong-Kong and Macau special administrative territories
5.    Egypt
6.    India
7.    Iraq
8.    Niger
9.    Nigeria
10.   Pakistan
11.   Palestine
12.   Saudi Arabia
13.    Somali
14.    Sri Lanka
15.    Sudan
16.    Syria
17.    Vietnam

Citizens of these states who are of Armenian origin, as well as close relatives of the RA citizens from these states (parents, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, and grandchild) may acquire entry visas to the RA without a letter of invitation.
The Armenian origin or familial relationship between RA citizens and the citizens of the above-listed states must to be proved by available official papers.


  Foreigners can exit the RA with a valid passport and a valid document confirming the legality of their stay or residence in the territory of the RA up until the moment of exit.

 The exit of a foreigner from the RA is forbidden in cases where:
•    there has been a decision to charge him/her with a crime; before the end of an investigation; or before the abatement of criminal prosecution against this person;
•    he /she has been sentenced to such penalties, the accomplishment of which is only possible in the RA. He/she must then stay until the end of the term of the penalty; or until the abatement of such penalty.

For more detailed information please send an e-mail to info@jurist.am . They are always ready to help you.

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