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The lawyer company "Your Jurisconsult" renders legal services in escorting the clients of law firm at emergence of disputes with customs authorities concerning violation of the customs legislation of Armenia, illegal charge by customs authorities of penalties, confiscation of cargo.

The lawyer on customs disputes renders the following legal services:

•  Representation and protection of interests in court by consideration of customs disputes on administrative and criminal cases;

•  Appeal against illegal actions of customs authorities of Armenia and requirements about customs payment;

• Maintenance and assistance in questions of return of customs payments and duties;

•  Legal examination of documents (contracts, commercial and other documents);

•  Development and drafting of contracts, external economic contracts;

•  Assessment of legality of actions and acts of customs authorities and their officials;

•  Consultations concerning currency regulation of Armenia;

•  Collection  of information, data and proofs within  customs dispute;

• Offset and return of excessively paid or enforced customs payments;

• Identification of customs risks when exporting or  importing goods;

• The help in preparation of documents for registration of goods in customs authorities;

• Rendering  services  of  the customs broker in Armenia, a carrier and storage of goods under customs locks in Yerevan;

• The translation of documents in a translation agency.

Effective  solution  of custom problems:

Turning to us for a help, you will receive qualified support for the decision of your tasks, save your nerves and many health issues, finance, and the most important thing time for your business.

Legal services rendered by the lawyer have an explicit specialization in administrative, economic, civil, customs law, which provides the necessary procedural actions aimed at the achievement of the necessary legal result.

During  the customs registration (registration at the customs) quite often you can face with the arbitrariness of the customs bodies. Demand of unnecessary documents for customs clearance, the increase of the customs duties, the change of  Commodity Nomenclature Code. This is only a part of possible abuse, aimed at the loss of the precious for the client time required for  other tasks such as tasks of the foreign economic contract.

Preparation of documents for customs – doesn't assume customs  registration and doesn't accept amateurish approach.
Lawyers of the lawyer company "Your Jurisconsult " will help you to avoid and if it is necessary to make every effort to solve the arisen legal conflicts with customs.  The lawyer will provide you professional consultation in the field of economic, administrative and civil law, the legal aid will be rendered to you in most quick and effective way.

Customs lawyer Program:

The Customs Lawyer program which includes the fullest complex of services in maintenance of foreign economic activity of the client,  particularly:

• Legal support of foreign trade transactions;

• The development of legal schemes of conducting foreign trade activities for the temporary import/export of property, raw materials, complete sets of object;

• Consulting on customs, tax legislation  and  representation of foreign companies;

• Examination of documents necessary for the customs clearance of the imported/exported goods, including the assessment ofrisks and tax consequences related to foreign economic activity;

• Legal support of subjects of foreign trade activities during the pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• Representation of client's interests when considering the external economic disputes, including in the countries of the CIS;

• Appeals against the decisions of customs authorities on the issues of determination of the customs value, classification of goods, acts of cameral audit, tax notifications;

• Judicial protection, including business management in courts of  International  Co-operative Alliance (ICA) at Chamber of Commerce of Armenia and  at Chamber of Commerce  of Russia and  in courts of the special and general jurisdiction.

• Assistance in  returning  the overpaid amounts of customs payments;

• Legal assistance to persons authorized by the declaration in case of infringement of the customs rules, etc.

A scheme of cooperation with the law firm within the subscriber  service  can be  very convenient for the enterprise.  Such  scheme allows for a small monthly payments (commensurate with the salary of one employee of the company) actually have a staff of legal Department, staffed by experienced professionals, working in different areas of law. These relationships help our customers to  save financial means and  at the  same  time get maximum legal support.


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