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Lawyer - labour disputes in Armenia

The lawyer of labour disputes provides legal services on the issues connected with labor relations, legal support of negotiations of the employee with the employer, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the client. The most frequent labor disputes arise in connection with the following circumstances: reduction, dismissal and wages lessening, transfer to another position, non-payment of wages or compensation, the attraction of the person to responsibility.

Legal services rendered by a lawyer of the law firm on labour disputes:

• legal advice on labour disputes;

• out-of-court settlement of labour conflicts of collective and individual labour disputes, complaints, conducting negotiations;

• development of legal documents, statements of claim, complaints, motions and other procedural documents;

• representation and protection of interests in court.

• development of individual labour agreements and contracts;

• development of internal documentation for companies on issues of organization of labour, internal regulations;

Types of labor disputes:

• appeal against the dismissal and rehabilitation in the post;

• make changes of record  in the  work-book;

• collection of arrears on wages and pensions;

• contestation of a transfer to another position or work;

• involvement of the employee to  the material  liability;

• disciplinary penalties;

• compensation  of damage;

• collectiong  compensation for unused vacation;

• appeal against  reduction;

• dismissal , rehabilitation in the post and at work;

• appeals against the refusal in the admission for employment;

• appeal against unlawful dismissal

Probably, everyone at least once in life collided with a situation, when his labour rights have been violated, i.e. there were disputes. Only a few dare to defend their rights in court, that is due to several factors as lack of knowledge of the ways of protection, lack of confidence in judicial protection, and the elementary fear of the almighty hand of the employer.

To protect your violated rights or not is the private affair of everyone, but we recommend you to contact the professionals for help and restore justice in any  case, because, as shown by the judicial practice, in 95% of the labour dispute are decided in favour of the employee.

The only one thing which is required from you is to believe in success, and our professionalism and experience in  labour disputes will help to protect and recover your violated rights.

More often labour disputes start from a lack of knowledge of existing legislation on labour or unqualified
application of its rules by the owners or their authorized bodies, which leads to the violation of the rights and interests of workers.

The possibilities of abuse are quite a lot in this sphere. And the infringements can be both on the  part of  the employer and  employee.

Armenian legislation distinguishes the following types of labour disputes:

• between the employees and the administration of the enterprise in connection with the application of labour conditions;

• between the employees and the administration of the enterprise in connection with the establishment or change of labour conditions;

• between trade union committees and administration on the establishment or change of labour conditions.

Workers should not be afraid of defending  their legitimate rights.

In the practice of judicial decisions of the Armenian courts the decision is made in favor of the employee in the majority of cases. 
We will help You to defend your labour interests, if they have been violated by the administration of the enterprise, on which You are working, or have worked.

We are ready to help you during the process of pre-trial settlement of a dispute as  well as  in judicial proceedings. We are ready to conduct a detailed legal examination of all your existing documents, collect the necessary evidence, draw up a statement of claim and documents attached to it, as well as to conduct your case in court.

Besides, our lawyers are ready to protect your enterprise from dishonest  employee or competitors trying paralyze the work of your enterprise  with the help of a labour dispute. 
We are ready to develop labor contracts specially for Your company, which  will maximally  secure  your business.

Experienced lawyers are ready to defend your rights in court proceedings and prevent the possible negative consequences.

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