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Lawyer for debt collection in Armenia

Debt  collection  is a  complex methods  and means of  lawful  impact on the defaulters the final result of which  is  the repayment of existing debts.

We provide  the following  services:

• the pre-trial (extrajudicial) collection,

• judicial  enforcement.

• search of the debtor's property and assets of enterprise;

• post-judicial enforcement.

Our work begins with the fact that the defaulter  starts a personal matter, after which its formation takes place through the analysis of all the existing information on the debtor, which allows you to choose the right style of communication, taking into account the various factors on the stage of pre-trial settlement, and at the stage of executive manufacturing,  gives the executor necessary evidence.

Having  work experience  and  proven technology of  various debts’ exaction, we  work even with  the smallest debt and arrears.

We bring the exaction process to its logical conclusion – to the recovery. We obtain  it through the use of state enforcement mechanisms and close interaction with the government by legal means from the pre-judicial exaction up  to the  use  of  existing criminal legislation.

An independent debt collection requires  major expenditures, expertise and staff, experienced, qualified personnel, well-established schemes of necessary skills.

Our work is designed to help those organizations, in which there are outstanding  payments  and unscrupulous non-payers, both individuals and legal entities.

The company is ready to work on the collection of debts for: commercial banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, dispensing products with deferred payment, leasing and factoring companies, municipal companies, organizations, utilities, debt consumer lending, car loans, mortgages, contracts of supply and sale of products.
Our renumeration rate corresponds to our customers’ expectations.

Our activities are carried out in strict accordance with the norms of legislation and includes legal analysis and financial expertise of the presented documents on existing debt, development and implementation of optimal legal options to resolve the debt obligations.

Our advantages are:

• high efficiency compared with own services of financial institutions due to the fact that the collection of debts is one of the main kinds of the Company’s  activities, which in its turn saves working time of your personnel and reduce costs.

• the lack of financial risks when working  with the Company, as the commission for  the  services is  withdrawn according to a real indemnified debts depending on size and time of the debt.

• a significant reduction of the customer's image risks associated with the exaction process.

• one of the main emphases is the pre- juditial  collection, which significantly reduces the time of return of arrears.

• high performance of the Company work.

We work across all Armenia.

The professional approach to the debt recovery  saves Your  time and financial means.

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