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Lawyer for loans in Armenia

Timely rendered legal service of a  lawyer  concerning  to credits allows to minimize legal and financial risks of the client. In most cases the client turnes to the lawyer only when all the credit documents are already signed by -  it is a big mistake.

Experts  render all types of legal services in the sphere of the credit relations, in the following directions:

• consultations concerning the  issues of credit agreements;

• change, rescission of credit agreements;

• indemnification and damage coused by the change and rescission of credit agreements;

• recognition of credit agreements unconcluded or invalid;

• Prevention  of  the application of loan debt recovery  and debts at the expense of a pledged  subject  by  bank;

• division of credit obligations of spouses;

• maintenance of restructuring  of credit obligations;

• return of a pledge  subject;

• prevention of the credit debt recovery  from the surety;

• exception of abuses of the credit organization.

It is necessary to refer to the signing of the credit agreement  with all responsibility. The credit lawyer in Armenia will help you to keep property which is a pledge  subject, will help to achieve a delay of payments according to credit obligations.

Entrust the studying of the credit agreement to lawyers and attorneys. Our attorneys and lawyers know all subtleties in questions of the credits and relationship with the credit organizations and will render any necessary consultation concerning to the credits and crediting.

Also we offer protection of interests of borrowers against illegal  actions  of  creditors.

The lawyer of credit affairs:

The lawyer of credit affairs in Yerevan will solve disputes with bank concerning to the credit,  mortgage, will lower percentage of the credit, will challenge actions of the public executive service, will remove  the  property from the auctions, will cancel the underestimated assessment of property through court.

If you lost court with bank on the credit — that's not all. The lawyer of credit affairs will sue out revision of the correspondence judgment, through court will cancel the court order, will return back to court the court order, will make the appeal complaint. Don't wait, time isn't Your ally. Call and everything will be made at high professional level.

The financial crisis has affected the economy of our country and the welfare of its citizens. Considering it and some other factors (the illness, family circumstances, etc.)  not everyone  has opportunity  to pay the credit in  time.

In Armenia mortgage loans gained popularity in due time.  During mortgage lending the real estate remains as the property of the borrower, but is made out as a pledge for the bank. In case of non-performance by the debtor of the obligations, the creditor has the right to use real estate, for debt repayment.

The purposes of a mortgage loan can be various: construction, acquisition of the apartment and other real estate, repair etc. A real estate  may be  given to  bank as  a pledge, acquired at the expense of the borrower and the real estate which was been bought at the expense of credit.

If you have  found out yourself in a difficult situation, turn to the lawyer of credit affairs. Certainly, the lawyer won't  solve  all Your problems, however  will be able to render a real legal aid in these  cases.

Attorney Vardan Khechyan will help You to solve the credit and mortgage disputes, maintain a stable financial position and Your property.

List of our services:

• legal examination of credit agreements;

• recognition of the contract of crediting invalid;

• changes in interest rates of the contract;

• reduction of the sizes of penalties, fines;

• withdrawal of the property under the mortgage;

• representation of client's interests in courts;

• help the guarantors with overdue or to the unpaid credits;

• assistance for legal claims of creditors etc.

We recommend to recource to the lawyers before the conclusion of the credit agreement. This considerably minimizes the legal risks.

If You or Your relatives have problems and a qualified legal aid is needed, you can always count on us!

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