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Natalia Dilanyan

The partner, the sphere of professional interests lies in the field of the international legislation, automated administrative  and bookkeeping calculation  in  industrial and trade enterprises.
Scientific activity:  teaching activities, including  certification program of professional accountants.
Professional experience: length of service as an accountant for 12 years, chief accountant of group of companies for 10 years, finance director of group of companies for 5 years.
Wide practical experience in  implementation  of  automated management accounting in industrial and trade enterprises. Work experience with the owners of the companies on optimization of structure of assets and increase of transparency of management information, introduction of system of internal control at the industrial enterprises, introduction of system of internal control in the industrial enterprises. Experience with credit institutions on attraction of the large investment credits, formation of a portfolio of the short-term credits.
Direct participation in audit inspections, rendering consulting services in legal questions of activity of legal entities and to the taxation, carrying out pre-sale checks of the organizations (Due Diligence).
Large practice of participation in disputes with tax customs authorities at all stages of checks - from drawing up objections on the act of tax audit and representation in tax and customs authorities of Armenia to  the representation of interests of taxpayers in court with drawing up necessary procedural documents.