Copyright Protection in Armenia
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Copyright Protection in Armenia

Our attorneys and lawyers have a great experience in the field of protection of intellectual property. Intellectual property is the exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity secured by law.

The company's specialists (advocates, lawyers, patent attorneys) assist in the assessment, maintenance, provision of legal relations, the objects of which are the objects of intellectual property.

Lawyers and specialists in the sphere of copyright provide the following services:

• consultations on the protection of intellectual property;

• legal protection of copyright and related rights;

• recognition and restoration of the rights to object of intellectual property, the recognition of intellectual property rights in the trade mark, the mark;

• legal disputes on the rights of the domain name;

• patent disputes, disputes over trademarks, disputes over commercial names and company names;

• disputes arising from contracts on creation, use of objects of intellectual property;

• registration  of  intellectual property in the customs register;

• registration of rights to  the objects of intellectual property;

• legal support of the conclusion of license agreements for use of objects of intellectual property rights;

• representation and defense of the rights of intellectual property in court;

• drafting of applications, claims and complaints; pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• contest of author's certificates, documents of title on objects of copyright, issued with violation;

• pre-trial settlement of conflicts in the sphere of unauthorized use of objects of copyright.

•development of expert conclusions on the objects of copyright;

• estimation of objects of the copyright;

• support of the inheritance of the copyright objects;

• establishment of the authorship of the works and objects of industrial property;

• the collection of evidence of the violation of intellectual property rights;

• support in the process of registration of rights on objects of intellectual property.

The result of intellectual activity is the objects of intellectual property rights:

• commercial (corporate) name;

• trademark (mark for goods and services);

• the name of the place of origin of goods;

• commercial designation;

• commercial secret;

• the invention, utility model;

• industrial design;

• works of science, literature and art;

• the phonogram;

• computer programs;

• databases;

• know-how and many other things.

We offer complex solutions in the field of intellectual property.

Copyright in Armenia

Copyright is one of the institutes of intellectual property rights. It regulates the relations arising in connection with the creation and use of works of science, literature and art (copyright)and of phonograms, performances, productions, programs of on-air and cable broadcasting (related rights).

We offer the following services:

• consultations of the lawyer;

• reimbursement of losses, including lost profit;

• the cessation of actions, which violate the right or create the threat of its violations, i.e. the prohibition of the sale ofcounterfeit products, its advertising and etc.;

• restore the situation that existed before the violation of rights, i.e., for example destruction of the infringing
copies, specify a name for the use of Your work (if, for example, Your name has not been indicated in a magazine or the directory where Your piece of work was printed);

• preparation of statements of claim with the package of documents, complaints, applications for any law enforcement authorities;

• familiarization with the documents, preparation and filing a claim in the court;

• participation of a lawyer in the judicial session;

• preparation of a draft amicable agreement and its approval in court;

• in case of necessity the participation in the course of appealing against the court decision, which has not entered into force;

• participation of a lawyer in the course of execution of the court decision in the executive service.